What they say ...

Rick and Sharona have received rave reviews from Las Vegas to Put-In-Bay, from corporate events to private parties and nightclubs.

Sun News: "Some artists perform their music, but after seeing Rick and Sharona do their thing, you just know they are doing more than singing. They are living their music".

Philips Supper House: "Hottest duo in Las Vegas"!

Spot Magazine: "Ol' Mac is back... Rick and Sharona (Burke) clearly feel an amused affection for the Las Vegas-style lounge act. The two do much more than simply delivery standards. The native Clevelanders have taken their act to Las Vegas (as well as Los Angeles), and their command of its conventions is obvious.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: "Rick and Sharona's show is a frothy blend of Rat Pack-era classics, bold stage moves, and the kind of quick witted quips that would have given Don Rickles a run for his money in his prime. Make no mistake, however, the act is far more a celebration of great music, warm feelings and good times than it is any sort of nostalgia routine". (04/14/00)

Cleveland Plain Dealer: "Rick can really sing and bears more than a passing resemblance to ol' Blue Eyes in his prime".

Spot Magazine: "We are taken in by the chemistry between (Rick and Sharona)- endearing, entertaining, and best of all, completely natural".

Spot Magazine: "Well maybe it's not really Frank Sinatra, but vocalist/raconteur Rick Burke sure does a damn good job of making you think so".